Suffer from Google De-indexing? 

Got your most important URLs de-indexed from Google Search Results?

Experienced a drastic drop in traffic?

Suspect negative SEO?

Get help from IndexHelper.

IndexHelper looks for

possible causes of Google indexing problems

✅ Performs a thorough analysis of your content and tech SEO.
✅ Performs an world wide search for potential threats to your indexing.
✅ Utilizes unique SEO methods and Google index measures used in LRT since 2009, not available elsewhere.


IndexHelper lets you trigger a

series of actions to get your URLs indexed again.  

IndexHelper provides you an arsenal of different ways to get your content indexed, depending on the severity.

IndexHelper will NOT give you guarantee to index any rubbish URL for you.

IndexHelper WILL instead give you a detailled and realistic estimation and indexability score card
that helps you understand what are possible reasons for de-indexing.


Based on the quality estimation we will unlock different methods on a per-URL basis for you, or only recommendations on how to improve your content.


Stay tuned for the closed beta.

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IndexHelper is a tool built by LRT.
Technology and know-how come from the team of LinkResearchTools (LRT) one of the most advanced backlink analysis suites with a special power for finding toxic links.
For our enterprise clients, we also work on making the product the best bulk URL Indexing tool for larger websites and crawl data analysis for millions of URLs and hundreds of websites to manage. 

(Photo: LRTcon charity conference 2019)